When starting on the island or after buying an expansion, the land will have plants and rocks spread around the area. These block the path of anything building, and cannot be moved. However, these can be removed (some of these are also.available in the shop at a high enough level which are movable). Below is a chart with the specs on each obstacle.

Name Price Time XP
100x100pxGrass 25 Gold 30 seconds 25 EXP
GreenBushGreen Bush/Small Bush 500 Gold 1 minute 50 EXP
SmallTreeSmall Tree 100 Gold 10 minutes 100 EXP
100x100pxSmall Stone 500 Gold 30 minutes 500 EXP
BigTreeBig Tree 1000 Gold 1 hour 1000 EXP
100x100pxLarge Stone 2500 Gold ? 2500 EXP
PineTreePine Tree/Crooked Tree 5000 Gold 1 hour 5000 EXP
100x100pxLarge Tree 10,000 Gold 6 hours 10,000 EXP
100x100pxSmall Boulder 10,000 Gold 6 hours 10,000 EXP
100x100pxMedium Boulder 100,000 Gold 12 hours 100,000 EXP
100x100pxLarge Boulder 250,000 Gold 24 hours 250,000 EXP
100x100pxPolluted Rock 150,000 Gold 10 hours ??? EXP
100x100pxCursed Rock ??? 48 hours 1,000,000 EXP

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