Forest Dark
Moss Goblin
to buy in the Shop
by hatching pet
Kung Fu Skill (?)
Dark Blow
Unlock at lv. 6 Unlock at lv. 6
Swift Strike
Leaf Storm
Unlock at lv. 10 Unlock at lv. 14
Element in Battle Gold Rates & Habitats
Strong against:

Weak against:
76 Gold / min at lv. 10
Forest, Dark
Dark Kung Fu Pets are either full of dark charisma or are just straight up gloomy. The Moss Goblin is a great example of the gloomy Dark Kung Fu Pets who loves dark and damp places.
Summoning Time Sell Price
10 Hours 80,000 Gold
Summonable Available

Evolution ProcessEdit

MossGoblinKFBall MossGoblinBaby MossGoblinJuvenile MossGoblinAdult
Kung Fu Ball
(Place on the Nursery)
(Lv. 1~5)
(Lv. 6~9)
(Lv. 10~)


Only available from Dr. Pou's Altar.

The summoning pair of Kung Fu Pets must include a Kung Fu Pet with Forest as major element, and Dark element. The below combinations are recommended to get Moss Goblin (Kung Fu Pets can be used in either order):

Click [Expand] for more general combinations:

Non-Limited Kung Fu Pet Combos:

Limited Kung Fu Pet Combos:

Non-Limited Kung Fu Pet General Combos:

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Non-Limited Kung Fu Pet Combos:

You cannot buy it for Gem. You must summon it.

Gold RatesEdit

lv. 1 lv. 2 lv. 3 lv. 4 lv. 5 lv. 6 lv. 7 lv. 8 lv. 9 lv. 10
12/min 19/min 26/min 33/min 40/min 48/min 55/min 62/min 69/min 76/min
lv. 11 lv. 12 lv. 13 lv. 14 lv. 15 lv. 16 lv. 17 lv. 18 lv. 19 lv. 20
83/min #/min #/min 105/min #/min #/min #/min #/min #/min 148/min
lv. 21 lv. 22 lv. 23 lv. 24 lv. 25 lv. 26 lv. 27 lv. 28 lv. 29 lv. 30
#/min #/min #/min #/min #/min #/min #/min #/min #/min #/min

These are gold rates without boosted value by Boosters.

Collection RewardEdit

Gold Gem
25,000 Gold 18 Gem

Max Soul Dust given Edit

Error! Value does not exist.
The Dust amount should be the max dust range that a pet gives at Level 20, Max Training.

Master Points Edit

Lvl 1 10 15 20
MP 12 60 ?? ??

These are Master Points for basic levels. Every Kung Fu Pet has his/her own MP, so you can compare them for increasing your MP's.


  • First Place
    • I love staying in dark and damp places.