Detective Agency
30,000 Gold
to buying Detective Agency
from complete building
Type Quest
Build Time 24 hours
Sell Price N/A
The Detective Agency was set up to investigate crimes and hunt down bad guys. If trouble breaks out in other villages, the Kung Fu Pets see it as their duty to go and help.
Size : 4x4 Unlock at Level 2 Expansion


The Detective Agency is the building where you can send your Kung Fu pets off to fight crime or complete various quests. There are 6 levels of jobs you can take, each allowing a specific set of pets and offering a different range of prize money. Despite listing the max reward, it seems to be random how much of the max reward you'll get (level and training level seem to make no difference), but you'll generally make at least 1/2 the listed prize money.


Completion Times:

  • 1000 Gold = 5 minutes
  • 2000 Gold = 10 minutes
  • 4000 Gold = 30 minutes
  • 8000 Gold = 1 hour
  • 10,000 Gold = 2 hours
  • 15,000 Gold = 3 hours
  • 25,000 Gold = 5 hours
  • 30,000 Gold = 6 hours
  • 50,000 Gold = 8 hours
  • 70,000 Gold = 10 hours
  • 100,000 Gold = 12 hours
  • 3 Gem = 18 hours
  • 4 Gem = 24 hours
  • 5 Gem = 36 hours

Experience Gained:

  • Experience gained seems to be based on how long the pet has been away doing the job, though is ultimately arbitrary. It is usually going to be more than the Max gold you would've gotten, but it seems that the longer you leave them out, the more XP you'll get. A 5 gem quest can get you almost 1,000,000 XP.

Job 1:

  • Max Reward Range: 1,000 Gold | 2,000 Gold | 4,000 Gold | 8,000 Gold

Job 2:

  • Max Reward Range: 10,000 Gold to 70,000 Gold

Job 3:

  • Max Reward Range: 10,000 Gold to 70,000 Gold

Job 4:

  • Max Reward Range: 10,000 Gold to 70,000 Gold

Job 5:

  • Max Reward Range: 100,000 Gold | 3 Gem | 4 Gem | 5 Gem

Job 6:

  • Max Reward Range: 100,000 Gold | 3 Gem | 4 Gem | 5 Gem


  • Job 5 and 6 will almost always be gems, but they CAN be worth gold.
  • It is random how much of the reward you will receive for the job. You may have a higher chance with a leveled up pet, but the results will still vary. The range seems to be 25% to 100%, with 50% being most likely for higher rewards, including Gem rewards.
  • Despite the vastly lower amount of gold you'll get if you do the longer missions, this is a great way to obtain EXP. Determine how long you'll be available or when you can check again and send a pet to do the mission for that time, and before you go to bed, have the pet do a longer mission. The higher the reward, the more XP you'll ultimately get.

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