Air Ice
Arctic Tern
16,500 Gem
to buy in the Shop
70,000 EXP
by hatching pet
Kung Fu Skill (?)
Hook Slice
Thick Fog
Unlock at lv. 6 Unlock at lv. 6
Ice Spikes
Wind Slash
Unlock at lv. 9 Unlock at lv. 14
Element in Battle Gold Rates & Habitats
Strong against:

Weak against:
50 Gold / min at lv. 10
Air, Ice
The Arctic Tern is always traveling the world, flying from ocean to ocean. All that flying must take a toll on him though, because he never seems to be in a good mood.
Summoning Time Sell Price
18 hours 70,000 Gold
Summonable Available

Evolution ProcessEdit

ArcticTernKFBall ArcticTernBaby ArcticTernJuvenile ArcticTernAdult
Kung Fu Ball
(Place on the Nursery)
(Lv. 1~5)
(Lv. 6~9)
(Lv. 10~)


The summoning pair of Kung Fu Pets must include a Kung Fu Pet with Air as major element, and Ice element. The below combinations are recommended to get Arctic Tern (Kung Fu Pets can be used in either order):

Click [Expand] for more general combinations:

Non-Limited Kung Fu Pet Combos:

  • Arctic Tern AirIce + Anything else
  • Odette Swan AirIce + Anything else

Non-Limited Kung Fu Pet General Combos:

Click [Expand] for suggested combos:

Non-Limited Kung Fu Pet Combos:

or you can buy him for 16,500 Gem in the Shop.

Gold RatesEdit

lv. 1 lv. 2 lv. 3 lv. 4 lv. 5 lv. 6 lv. 7 lv. 8 lv. 9 lv. 10
8/min 12/min 17/min 22/min 26/min 31/min 35/min 40/min 45/min 50/min
lv. 11 lv. 12 lv. 13 lv. 14 lv. 15 lv. 16 lv. 17 lv. 18 lv. 19 lv. 20
54/min 59/min 64/min 68/min 73/min 78/min 82/min 87/min 91/min 96/min
lv. 21 lv. 22 lv. 23 lv. 24 lv. 25 lv. 26 lv. 27 lv. 28 lv. 29 lv. 30
101/min 105/min #/min #/min #/min #/min #/min #/min #/min #/min

These are gold rates without boosted value by Boosters.

Collection Reward Edit

Gold Gem
25,000 Gold 12 Gem

Max Soul Dust given Edit

BraveryDust 0-0
KnowledgeDust 0-0
UnityDust 0-0
The Dust amount should be the max dust range that a pet gives at Level 20, Max Training.

Master Points Edit

Lvl 1 10 15 20 25 30
MP 8 80 120 160 200 240

These are Master Points for basic levels. Every Kung Fu Pet has his/her own MP, so you can compare them for increasing your MP's.


  • First place
    • I'm tired from my long travel. What do you want? Oh, leave me alone.
  • Quest
    • It's very important that you take good care of the Arctic Tern, because there's no one better when it comes to taking care of the lawn!



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